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By Neel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting LLC (


EMR Optometry Practice ManagementIn this article, we present a case study that involved the successful use of a targeted campaign to improve the Google search rankings, increase website traffic and generate leads for a certified EMR Optometry Practice Management software company that now counts many of the top 50 optical retailers in the US as its clients.

The Client requirements from this project were – 1) Improved Ranking from Google Search, 2) Increased Traffic & 3) Leads.

Moreover, all these objectives were to be accomplished with a limited budget in a competitive domain of EMR Ophthalmology Software.


Initial Assessment

The first step in the action plan was to do an in-depth analysis of the website, current performance, and drawbacks, while also defining the user persona & target client segments.

website-traffic-metrics-content-marketing-successThe client website was low on traffic, it was not ranking on any of the productive keywords and the conversion of traffic to leads was very low.




Traffic Generation and Search Engine Optimization

One of the first things our team did was develop a list of the most productive keywords for the Client. The team then optimized the site for these keywords considering the latest search engine algorithm changes in our process. We then and ran a Paid Campaign (Search & Display) to boost traffic to the client website. We also published user-centric content on the website to increase its relevance.

Further, we used a variety of other off-page Link-building SEO activities to improve search rankings – including regular blog postings and blog promotions. The team also increased the number of backlinks through regular postings on the relevant LinkedIn Groups related to Optometry, communicating the latest advances in EMR Optometry Practice Management to quality users and experts in the field.

Visitor Engagement and Lead Capture

Lead FunnelThe paid campaign and the organic communication directed the prospects to the Landing Page, which included a custom “Lead Magnet” offering a limited-duration “free trial” to prospects in exchange for providing their emails, names, and phone numbers. The Landing Page itself was incorporated seamlessly into the design of the Client Website, promoting further cross-pollination and engagement between inorganic and organic traffic.

SEO Rankings Results












The numbers in the accompanying table reflect the actual rank of the website in Google search result for each keyword. Google Search Engine Results showed dramatic improvements for the Client, in many cases reaching the top 10 positions. For example, the Client website was ranked 96th position (bottom of page 10 of Google) for the keyword Certified Eye Care Software. Six months later the keyword Certified Eye Care Software had shown an incredible improvement, reaching the top rank in Google search results. Many of these results were achieved before the six-month mark.

All the identified keywords ranked within the top 20, in many cases ranking in the top 10, from not even ranking in the top 100 before our team started assisting the Client.

Lead Capture Results

175 Leads were captured who agreed to provide their names and other details in exchange for the “Free Trial” offer.  These leads were then entered into the Client’s Marketing Automation system to be followed up with subsequent engagement and communication mail designed to convert the leads that signed up for free trials into paying clients.


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