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A Meeting with Lara Hodgson, CEO, NOW Corp – A Company That Is Revolutionizing How Businesses Get Paid

NOW Corp Meeting with Neel MajumdarAfter working with Lara O’Connor Hodgson, CEO, NOW Corp, on the September issue of our monthly Newsletter, Neel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting LLC, finally got to meet Lara in person at the eclectic Midtown offices of NOW Corp.

The serenity of their office location makes it feel like an oasis amid the concrete, glass and steel jungle of Midtown. Neel had a fabulous time talking to Lara who was gracious enough to accommodate his being a bit late as both Google Maps & Waze took him to a location far from the correct address.

Neel also got to meet the co-founder & Chairman, John B. Hayes, former founder of Peachtree Accounting, and Archie Jones, CFO, who previously founded and sold Kenexa to IBM.

The meeting really allowed Neel to understand why Lara can state with such conviction, “Our goal is to make Accounts Receivables a thing of the past”. We encourage all to read Lara’s excellent blog post right here on our site at If you are a services business with annual revenues exceeding $500K and find yourself in a situation that you are taking on more debt to finance your receivables, which constrains your ability to finance the real growth of your business, we strongly encourage you to talk to NOW Corp.

With such brilliant folks like Lara Hodgson, John Hayes and Archie Jones in their senior leadership, it is no wonder that NOW Corp is redefining how companies get paid and has doubled its revenue every year in the last 5 years!



Neel Majumdar from Protiva Consulting Partners with Other Business Experts to Deliver a Successful Workshop for Small & Medium Business Leaders

Deborah Lanham, VP, Business Development, doing the opening speech at the Protiva Consulting Workshop

Deborah Lanham ,VP, Business Development, Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Making the Introductory Speech

Neel Majumdar Teaching Digital Marketing at Protiva Consulting Workshop

Neel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting, Co-Facilitated the Digital Marketing Module

Neel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting, partnered with Sheila Hall, Principal, Insight Analytique LLC, Bernie Unterreiner, CEO, PSS Sales Coach, and Grant Brim, Managing Attorney, Brim Law Firm, to deliver a Workshop targeted at Small & Medium Business Leaders at the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

The Workshop was held on August 28th from 9:00 AM till 12:30 PM. It was preceded by 30 minutes of Networking among the attendees and a continental breakfast.

The Workshop was an unqualified success with all attendees acknowledging and praising the value of the information they learnt in the workshop. Several attendees were seen to be networking during the breaks and talking about opportunities to partner and collaborate among themselves.



The Workshop itself covered 3 distinct areas, each critical to the success of a small and medium business:

  • Digital Marketing (Neel Majumdar and Sheila Hall)
  • Sales Effectiveness (Bernie Unterreiner)
  • Legal Aspects of Operating A Business (Grant Brim)

The success of the workshop has clearly identified the need in the market for more such workshops in the future.



Neel Majumdar from Protiva Consulting and Sheila Hall from Insight Analytique Partner to Teach Workshop on Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies

Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies WorkshopOn July 13th, 2017, Neel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting and Sheila Hall, Principal, Insight Analytique, were co-facilitators at the workshop on “Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies” targeted at small and medium business leaders at the 4th Annual Entrepreneurial and Small Business Summit held at the Clyde L. Strickland Center for Entrepreneurship, Discovery High School, in Lawrenceville. A very engaged audience made it even more fun.

Special thanks to the co-facilitator, Sheila Hall of Insight Analytique, who fought through sore throat and cold to co-develop the material and flew in from Virginia to teach the class. Thanks are also due to Neel’s fellow member from the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce (URL:– Austin Thompson – of Thompson Management Consulting (URL: for his efforts in organizing this summit which is of such value to the local small business owners in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Neel Majumdar from Protiva Consulting to Teach Workshop on Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies

Digital and Social Media Marketing Class PosterNeel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting will be tag-teaming with Sheila Hall of Insight Analytique LLC, to facilitate a workshop on “Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies” at the 4th Annual Entrepreneurial & Small Business Summit at The Discovery High School in Lawrenceville, GA.


Date: July 13th 2017, Time: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM


Please do spread the word among other small and medium business leaders. We have a ton of great content, and there are some other excellent speakers as well.


You can pre-register at the conference website at Hope you all can attend.

Another Testimonial from a Happy Client

Brad Wolff - MD, JumpVine Inc.“I want to recommend Neel Majumdar of Protiva Consulting in the area of digital marketing/ social media marketing. When I first met Neel, I was impressed by his experience working for the top-tier consulting firms in the area of digital marketing, strategy and analytics. This experience helping some of the major brands in the world was something I considered a unique opportunity as a small business owner. My experience with Neel has exceeded my expectations. He has brought an extremely thorough approach with a commitment to the details and the big picture. He has made it very clear with his actions that he wants my company JumpVine to receive the maximum results. I highly recommend Neel as a rare find – a top quality, competitive-edge resource that small businesses can afford.”

Brad Wolff, Managing Director, JumpVine Inc.

May Issue of The Proti-View Newsletter Has Been Published

The May 2017 issue of the Protiva Consulting newsletter was published and sent to the inboxes of our newsletter subscribers late afternoon May 18. In this issue, we have our regular contributor, Sheila Scally Hall of Insight Analytique, returning with an article on Three Levels of Marketing Automation, and sharing her thoughts on what level may be right for your business.
We also welcome for the first time as a contributor- Bernie Unterreiner, CEO, PSS Sales Coach, who guides business owners on how to set up a repeatable and measurable sales process. I am sure Bernie will become a regular contributor here as well.
You can access the newsletter at or from the Thought Leadership page of the Protiva Consulting website.
You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter by completing the form that can be accessed from the Thought Leadership page of the Protiva Consulting website.
Happy reading and please, please give us honest feedback on how we are doing.

Neel Majumdar, Principal, Protiva Consulting, Presents Protiva Consulting to A Room-Full of Folks At The Wednesday Morning Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Pro-Alliance Meeting

img_2021Neel Majumdar was one of the two 6 – minute presenters at the Wednesday morning Pro-Alliance Business Networking session at The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce on May 3rd 2017.

His presentation received very positive feedback from the audience. Many of the attendees came up to Neel after the talk and congratulated him on the excellent presentation. We appreciate the support of our friends at the Greater North Fulton Chamber!



JumpVine Inc. Chooses Protiva Consulting as its Digital Marketing Partner

Brad Wolff - MD, JumpVine Inc.Excited to start work on a new digital marketing project with JumpVine Inc., an innovative forward thinking company offering complete hiring solutions and workforce optimization services to small and medium businesses with employee numbers between 20 and 300. Had a great kickoff meeting with Brad Wolff – Managing Director- at their Alpharetta office, which is casual, friendly and welcomes dogs (!!). In other words they are focused on results, not pretense. And they have the satisfied clients to show for it. Brad’s passion for bringing value to his clients through their unique Hire2Retain approach shines through. Honored and privileged to be your Digital Marketing Partner – Brad Wolff! Small and medium business owners who are dejected with spending too much time screening candidates, only to be dejected later, I urge you to contact Brad and JumpVine Inc. Their methodology is truly unique and minimizes risk of failure. JumpVine site-

A Project Well Done – Kudos to the Protiva Consulting Team

nomad-home-page-bannerProtiva Consulting recently completed the redesign of the erstwhile website for The Nomad Travel Group owned by entrepreneur Antonio Little-El. Antonio was less than satisfied with his previous website which was visually cluttered and navigationally confusing – not to say anything about on-page SEO – which was completely lacking. In less than 3 weeks, the Protiva team showcased different design mock-ups with the client, selected one of them based on client feedback, and quickly executed the site to the satisfaction of the client. The team also implemented On-page SEO using keywords research and analysis. Last but not the least, Protiva’s fees were less than half that of the nearest competitor’s! This is what the happy client had to say after the work was completed.

“Thank you Neel!

Neel and his team did a great job developing my site@ He was very professional, patient, & diligent with me and my needs, concerns, and requests regarding my site.”

– Antonio Little-El, Entrepreneur and Owner of Nomad Travel Group (

Go Protiva Team!

The April 2017 Issue of Our Monthly Newsletter – “The Proti-View” is Out With a New Design

Dear Friends, the April newsletter – “The Proti-View” – was emailed to our subscribers a few days back. This issue sports a revised design with the newsletter carrying only summary versions of the articles.
In this issue, ace video marketing expert Trenton TC Carson talks about how to cut through the hype and tap into the huge potential of video in marketing, in his article “Video Marketing – Cutting Through The Hype”.
In the second article, “When Automation Becomes Creepy”, veteran marketer Sheila Hall advises business owners not to let “automation” replace marketing best practices.

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March 2017 Issue of Our Monthly Newsletter is Out

The March 2017 Issue of the Monthly Newsletter from Protiva Consulting is out and can be accessed at Our March issue carries articles from Sheila Hall on 3 key guidelines for interpreting your marketing data, and an article by Jay Heisler on the importance of being both high-touch and high-tech at the contact centers. Do read and sign up to receive the monthly newsletters in your email inbox by completing the Registration Form on the Thought Leadership page on our website.

February 2017 Issue of Our Monthly Newsletter is Out

The February 2017 issue of our newsletter has been published –

The February 2017 issue of The Proti-View has been published and emailed to our list of subscribers. This issue features articles on Content Marketing from Neel Majumdar, Website Design Considerations from our newest contributing author Rachel Green, and on Retail Sales Promotion Effectiveness from Jay Warren Heisler, . You can access the article on mailchimp archive by clicking on the link given below.
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January 2017 Issue of Our Monthly Email Newsletter Is Out

The January 2017 issue of our email newsletter is out. In this issue I cover nuts & bolts of developing a marketing strategy, Jay Heisler identifies key considerations for effective messaging, and Sheila Hall of Insight Analytique talks about leveraging marketing analytics through better usage of data.

You can download this issue by visiting our LinkedIn company page at You can also read it on our website at…/january-2017-newsletter/.

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